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No matter what type of product, service, or information you have
to offer, Guaranteed Hits can drive targeted visitors to your
website, Facebook or Google Places webpage. 

Our automated system can deliver local or national traffic to your
business for as little as $99 per month, with $0 pay-per-click charges.

Monthly Advertising Plans
3,000 Targeted Hits = $99.00
10,000 Targeted Hits = $199.00
25,000 Targeted Hits = $299.00
50,000 Targeted Hits = $399.00
* All plans are sold on a monthly subscription basis.

* There are no contracts, you may cancel at anytime prior
to your next month's scheduled billing and renewal.
Over 10,000 Publishers Strong
Unique, Daily Visitors
National or Local Targeting
100% Real, Human Traffic
24 Hour Campaign Tracking
Guaranteed Monthly Delivery
Plans start at only $99/mo.
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